The Many Benefits of Regular Cardio Exercise

What Is Cardio Training?
Cardio training is exercise that involves using the major large muscle groups for an extended and uninterrupted period. A cardio workout is distinguished by the fact you are raising your heart rate considerably above it's resting norm. Examples of a cardio workout are any energetic activity such as brisk walking, cycling, running, swimming, tennis, badminton, etc.

Cardio training is vital for a healthy heart and general fitness and well being. The benefits are numerous. Here are some brief examples of why you should incorporate cardio training into your fitness program

Prevents disease
It has been scientifically proven for many years now that regular cardio training can help prevent many diseases. One of the biggest killers of recent times is chronic heart disease. Regular cardio vascular exercise will promote a healthy heart and lungs and greatly decrease your risk of heart disease. Other conditions that cardio prevents include obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Gives your body energy
A regular cardio fitness program will give your body more stamina and endurance the more you practice. This will not only benefit you when exercising, but it will give you more energy in your daily life, whether at home with your family, at work or in your leisure time.

Controls your weight
Cardiovascular exercises by their very nature will burn lots of calories. If you are trying to lose weight you must have a healthy combination of the right diet and exercise. Burning calories through cardio exercise is the easiest and most direct way to boost your weight loss program

Helps you lose body fat
If you are not grossly overweight but would just like to lose a few pounds of fat from your body, you are much more likely to achieve this through a cardio program than through dieting. By using your large muscle groups in a controlled and sustained way, you will start to burn off your excess fat, resulting in a leaner, more toned body.

Wakes up your brain.
The body and the mind are linked in ways we don't really appreciate. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle it very easy for you to get into unhealthy mental patterns and bad mental habits can easily become established. Physical exercise produces hormones throughout the body which are like chemical stimulants for the brain. It's quite common to feel elevated or even 'high' after a good workout. These chemicals provide a positive signal to boost your brain function. After a while you may start to see some of you unhealthy thought patterns, bad habits, cravings melt away just through regular cardio exercise.

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